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Self Image / Self Love

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

It has taken me years to learn to love my stretch marks and honestly my body in general. It is still something I struggle with. I’ve contemplated surgeries. I’ve self loathed in front of the mirror a million times. I obsess over my flaws. I have deemed myself unworthy because of my physical appearance too many times.

The journey of self love can be a painful one. Learning to love ourselves for who we are but also the way we appear. It is not for the weak, but it is for the willing. I strongly believe self love is a choice. It is not something that necessarily comes easy or is instilled within all of us. It is a choice every day to wake up, look in the mirror and chose to love our unique and incredible bodies for what they are. Despite what the media pushes on us, despite what you have told yourself you should look like. Despite what anyone has ever told you you should look like.

Your worth has absolutely nothing to do with your body shape, size or number on the scale. Your body is unique and beautiful and has carried you through this life. So be kind to yourself. Watch your thoughts. Speak positively about yourself even if you don’t fully believe it. Do not allow your brain to bully your body. Instead of counting your flaws, list the things you love about your body. List all the things your body has done for you. Re-train your brain to love and appreciate your body exactly as you are and watch how powerful you become.

Thank you for reading.


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