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Our Story

Mindfull Mode was created with the intention to raise both awareness and money for Mental Health,

By creating statements pieces that circulate discussion surounding mental health, we hope to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness once and for all. 

A portion of all sale proceeds are donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association who has been working for over 100 years to facilitate access to resources people require to maintain and improve their mental health.


Hello beautiful humans, my name is Alyssa.

I created Mindfull Mode as platform to raise awareness for Mental Health. My goal being to sell beautiful statement pieces that lead to discussion about mental illness and all that encompasses it.

I myself have been diagnosed with PTSD, BPD & ADHD. Having these disorders has made life extra challenging to say the least. However, the one thing that makes it extremely painful is the stigma that still lingers around mental illness.

By creating a brand that makes mental health fashionable I hope to in turn eliminate the strigma surrounding mental illness while creaating a safe community for those who suffer from it.

Welcome, Xx

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